Thursday, October 2, 2008


Lool hal post 7addaah maku she8el bss ba7e6 post men elMalal;$..!

So Now a7ebb agooul lekum enna these days ana soo in love with Haagen-Dazs;*

Ou now ga3da aakla:* ^^!!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

-My new manga =*


This is my new manga (H)!!















3al a8al tshabehny shwayyaa:p!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

عيدكم مبارك:*


now a7ebb agooul lekum ..

3eedkum mbaarakk MU8ADDAMANN ou 3asakum men 3uwaada ou ta8abbal allah 6a3attkum enshallah;**

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Uff!!;/ 2 dayz left the schoool!!!

Ou ba3ad im going to high school thanya thanawy;)

3eguub ma t3awaadt 3ala my school 9 sneeen feeeha!!!;S

7addii ra7 oulah 3alaaiha waaayed!;**

ou today yebbna kutoby maloout elthanaweya !!
16 KETAAAAB!!!!!: : : : : : : OMG!!;/

Ou 11 madda ;
3.3arabi "3 kutob" Fenoun albala8a,8awa3ed,ou mal ledrous..
4.English " ketabain"
7.E7yaa2 "Ketabain"
8.Feezya "Ketabain"
9.Keeemya "ketabain"

Ou ennshallah ba3dain i'll update 3ashan a9awwer lekum kel elkutob;/ ! Cz now mali khilg arouu7 fooug;p!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

رمضان كريم :**

Mbaraak 3alaaaikum elshahar all ;**

Ou 3aasaakuum menn 3uwaada ;D

Ma3a enny mett2a5ra shwayyaa;$ bss "Sorry";p..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Tuba Büyüküstün"

-Tuba Büyüküstün or ''Lamees'' in (sanawat el'6ayaa3)

7add'ha Zooqa bel make-up ou bedouna ou bashratt'ha ZEBBDA bss mo 7elo 3alaiha make-up wayed ;p!

bss 7abbait awarreekum cham 9oura men 9waarrha ou atmanna ennha ta3jebkum :**


Friday, August 15, 2008

Longest Tag

- Random tag

i saw this tag in jouja's blog :


Name: Shahad

My friends called me: Shousha ,shooshii,il-shehddyy & shahoud

My nick name(s): il-shehddyy , Shousha

Birthday: 27.2.94 ;$

Major: Student

Job title: Not yet


Boys name: Fahad - 3abdallaah - s3oud - 5aled - 7amad ..

Girls name: AlDanah - Shahad - 6aiba - Jana - Reem

Polo - Hermes

Fruit: Apple;p

Veggie: 5yaar ;p

Fast food place: McDonald :*

Favourite cartoon character: Poccahantos;$

Animal: Dog

Ice cream: Haagen dazs ''Vanilla'' :*

Have you ever?!

Bungee jump: NO!! 7addi 5awwafa;$

Used someone: No ..

Had bloody nose: Yes ;s

Played truth or dare: Wayed:*

Put your tongue on a frozen pole: La2

Been in a physical fight: !?

knocked on wood: eeh

Broken a bone: la2 el7emdellah

Broken the law: marrat ;p

Last time

Laughed and why? eeh 3ala masra7eyyat ''Bait bu 9ale7'' lool;p

Cried and why? Mathker mota bechait;p

Ate and what : bu6aa6 ;p

Hugged someone and whom ? eeh Jouja ams :*

Recieved a Call and from whom ? Mom 2day ;p

Used a Pen and what did wrote ? Songs;p

Lied and whats the truth ? eeh bss mani gayla :D

Recieved a message and form whom ? My czn;p

Took a Shower: Yesterday ..

Put Make-up On: Wala marra 7a6ait ;$

Ride a bike: This april bel shalaih:*

What does it mean to you ?

Your family: Hmmm.. wayed ashyaa2 :*

Your home: My Kingdom;p

Your friends: means everything to me ''Allah ykhalleehumli'' :** ;p

Yourself: Myself

Your birthday: Ahaam shay eb 7ayati;p

Your bedroom: Anam feeha ba3ad sheno?!

Your car: Ma3endi;$! Enshallah ba3ad 4 yrs. ;D

Your mobile: Cant live without it ..

Your PC/laptop: Bst Frnd :P

Blogging: Wanaasa ;D

Money: every thing:**

Right now

Eating: Bu6aa6;p

Thinking: wain barou7 bacher hehe;p

Smelling: wala shay..

Watching: Elmalek farou8 lol!!

Listening to: TV ''7al8at elmalek farou8''

Feeling: Tired:p

Wearing: bajama :)!

Waiting for: Going to maki ''Meshteheeta 9arli 4 days!!;s''

Hating: My old bff!;@

Missing: Ooyya rwh;/:*

Loving: Haagen dazs ''lol'' ;p

Worried about: Hmmm?! Dunno

Planning: Wain barou7 bacher;p

Sitting in: el8anafa :D!!

Using: My labtop

Annoyed with: My sis gabel shway;D

Mention two things that

Make you happy: Without school im happy lol!!;p - Being online 24/7

That you're obsessed with: Hmm.. facebook & blogging

Make you sad: losing special person , ma ashtery elshay ely abeeh!;@

You hate: 6umaaa6!! ''estaghfar allaah'' - 7ummo9 lol!!

You're doing: garga bel msn , akteb hal tag..

You like to eat: Pizza , CheeseBurger;p

Smell Bad: Thoum ,Bu9al;p

That we probably dont know about you: hmm!?

That you did today: internet , eating alot men elmalal!!!!

That are dangerous : ?!!

That you'e good at: lol a7seb bserr3a , bel english

That hurt: esh hal questions!! la3aaat chabdi mallaait;s!


Tell us something your "3ax el nas" about: Mashtery hdouum wayed lol!

Can you play any instruments? No

List four things that you are less than 3 meters away from: El TV , 6awla , charger , kleenex

If they were to make a movie about your life, what would that movie be called? il-shehddyy's life ;p

Have you ever been told you look like someone, if yes, who? No

Are you enjoying this tag ? 3adi

What bad habits do you have ? Wayed aste7y zyaada 3an el lezoum ge6ee3a;'( -3aneeda;p

If you could have one day being the opposite gender, What would you do ? Chan kellaa a6laa3 marred elbaait ;p

Worst Thing that has happened to you this year: Madree ..

What's your current Habba Song ? 2amar-2al ya3ny ;**

Any last words ? Mashkoureen ennkum garaitw eltaag ely sh6ula ,Bye:*

- Miss.Shiness;$